Welcome to MAJF Technologies. We have entered Open Source Arena, plans for OpenLaszlo, Ming, OpenSocial, Dojo, jQuery APIs. We stepped into Social Websites Vertical. Hiring of Python and Java Software Engineers freezed.
Welcome to the world of Innovative Ideas

MAJF Technologies earnestly value the fact that innovation is the key to success in modern business scenario. We believe that creativity and competency are the greatest of all resources in IT industry. Our team comprising of software professionals is an optimal blend of experience, technologies and freshness. Our adroit and motivated team of dedicated professionals work onsite, offshore or offsite to provide customized IT solutions for clients in several industry sectors. We keep ourselves consistently engaged in developing newer products in line with the emerging demands. With innovations in techniques and quality procedures, our clients getting maximum return on their IT spending is just a side effect!

At present we provide services in ERP, Web Applications, Web Design, E-Commerce, Mobile Applications, Cyber Security, Networking, Office Softwares, Automation Tools, Education Packages, Store Solutions, Databases, .Net, Oracle, PHP, AJAX, Python, Objective C/C++, Mac, iPhone, Graphics, Animations, Flash Apps, Flex Apps, Business Consultancy, IT Consultancy, Staff Recruitment, Human Resource Planning, Training, Marketing,Insurance, Surveys, Telecalling, Data Feeding, Formatting and Validating.

User Experience Team
Core Programming Team
Consultancy Team
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User Experience Team

We use proper mix of open source and commercial technologies to deliver highly effective UI Solutions that have excellent aesthetic appeal. 
Beauty when combined with technolgy is a Beauty-with-brain dream come true. 

Our User Experience Team engages itself in Website design, Flash creation, Content generation, Banner and Logo creations, Video and Audio presentations. 
We also do SEO Services, Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, Link Building, Social Networking, Analytics, Web promotion and marketing. 
We have shown excellence in Website Design (Static, Dynamic, and Flash Websites)
We are also into development of Corporate Presentations, Electronic Brochures, Sales Advertisements, Interactive Catalogs
We develop CBT i.e. Computer Based Training Programs,
Trade Show Presentations, Flash Contents and Educational webpages. 

The technologies we use, but are not limited to are :
1. WAMP, LAMP, PHP, AJAX, .NET, Python, javascript for web development.
2. Javascript and VBScript for Client side programming
3. Opensource MySQL Database and PL/SQL for interaction
4. We also use JSP, J2EE for web services development
5. Adobe Products viz. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Flex, ActionScript 3.0
6. The use of rapid application development frameworks such as Cakephp, codeignitor for php, jQuery for javascript ensure the least time to 
market along with the advantage of engineering a scalable, flexible and maintainable product.
7. The use of agile software development methodologies such as sprint and scrum goes a long way in ensuring a smooth and successful product style.
8. Latest Multimedia tools and technologies to enhance the impact of your presentation.
9. Our Inhouse, never-before, and unmatched UI Technologies.

Core Programming Team

We believe Software Creation is not merely a work of programming. Instead it is an art and science 
of using innovation and optimization with the knowledge of excellent programming skills. 

Our efforts have outshined in following area :
Our Online content management Systems have enabled companies to maintain their online data.
Our publishing solutions have empowered Authors and publishers with one-click control over a complete suite of online applications
We have our own Easy to use Content Management System (CMS). 
We prepare customized solutions for your shops, stores and malls need.
Unique Software Package for Real Estate Developers.
Excellent Office Automation Tools.
Personalized Letter Writing Wizard, Printing Solutions for Lawyers and Medical professionals.

The technologies we use, but are not limited to are :
1. C/C++ , .NET, Core java, J2EE
2. Javascript and VBScript for Scripting
3. Python for Application Development
4. Batch and Shell Scripts for automations
5. Opensource MySQL Database, Sql Server, Oracle, MS Access. PL/SQL for interaction
6. Visual Basic 6.0, VBA, Excel, Macros
7. XML, XSLT, OpenSocial APIs, OpenLaszlo, etc.
8. Adobe Products viz. Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Flex, ActionScript 3.0
9. The use of agile software development methodologies such as sprint and scrum goes a long way in ensuring a smooth and successful product style.
10. Latest Multimedia tools and technologies to enhance the impact of your presentation.
11. Our Inhouse, never-before, and unmatched Programming Technologies
12. Objective C, Cocoa, Xcode for mobile, iPhone, and Mac application development.

Consultancy Team

From collection of each little business details to help at every steps. Then from having a good looking efficient Website to procurement of requisite
softwares. And, then from generation of business to and  finally smooth running of business. We respect your each query, and stand by you during all your endeavors.

We have excelled in :
Businesses at all business levels - Small to Mid-Size to Large.
Dealing with Clients having no programming knowledge required before giving Software Requirement. We take care of all your needs. We hear even if you can't say.
Create, Update, manage, and maintain websites and or related online ventures. We give expert advices and resources in content generation and maintanence activities.
Understanding employee-employer needs and drafting excellent HR Policies.
Giving expert Legal Advices. Our network consists of professionals from District Court to High Court.
Providing trainings in Software, Communication, Soft-skills and Company practices
Closing down vacancies in Software, marketing, Insurance, event management, Senior levels, administration, security, and clerical staff

Our Strengths comprises, but are not limited to are :
1. Latest Information Technology and Tools.
2. Excellent IT Resources and Experienced Developers.
3. Large and expanding network of consultants. Rich Network of experienced, practicing and trainee professionals in all industry sectors.
4. Human Resource Planning by Professional Lawyers and MBAs
5. Our excellent communication methodolgy, expert advice, experience in industry across verticals, adequate human and mental resource, 
have alltogether resulted into an unmatched and ultimate business consulting practices.
6. We hear our customers first, then advice, and then hear again. This yield the most personalized business consultancy to our clients.